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ISSA Hygieia Network, an ISSA Charities signature program dedicated to the advancement and retention of women in the cleaning industry, today announced the launch of its DePaul University Career Edge Certificate Program. The three-module skills development course was created in partnership with Chicago’s DePaul University and aims to provide cleaning industry professionals with essential tools to advance their careers and achieve success.

“We are so excited to offer this program that enables professionals at all levels to build their skill sets and reach their full potential. ISSA Hygieia Network is all about helping women evolve and make a greater impact in our industry – the Career Edge Certificate can help them do just that,” says Dr. Felicia L. Townsend, ISSA Hygieia Network Program Director. “All learners who successfully meet the program criteria will be awarded a DePaul University Certificate of Completion.”

The program’s three modules, all of which are taught by a DePaul University instructor, cover an array of career-development topics that equip learners with the knowledge and resources to progress in current or future roles. The program’s teachings will focus mainly on career planning and strategy, personal talent assessment, and crafting and communicating a personal brand to employers.

“As they go through the modules, participants will learn how to move their career plans forward by building a deeper understanding of their personal strengths and skills,” says Townsend. “We want to empower learners to develop and communicate a strategic brand to help them stand out to employers.”

Each module in the Career Edge Certificate Program includes interactive components, videos, audio, card sorts and downloadable worksheets that help learners to apply the concepts discussed. Additionally, the entire program can be accessed on-demand and completed at learners’ own pace.   

“The Career Edge Certificate is designed to help cleaning industry professionals assess their options, define their goals, and design a path towards professional success,” says Hilarie Longnecker, senior associate director of Career Readiness, DePaul University. “It helps learners take a deep dive into the career planning cycle, exploring options for self-assessment, career research, and upskilling before pulling everything together to craft and learn best practices for communicating their professional brand.”

To enroll in the Career Edge Certificate Program, click here.