Mold remediation cleaning

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has officially endorsed Representative Haley Stevens’s new bill, “The Fix Moldy Housing Act.” The bipartisan legislation authorizes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to study mold and how to assess and remediate it properly. The bill further provides grants to states and tribal governments that develop licensure programs for mold assessment and remediation professionals.

Mold is a pervasive, yet largely unregulated, issue in the United States and around the world. Left unchecked, mold issues in indoor environments can have significant, lasting health impacts. According to the (EPA), the rise in extreme weather conditions associated with climate change has and will continue to lead to more indoor fungi and mold growth. Moreover, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mold exposure can lead to upper respiratory issues, especially among children and those with immune suppression or respiratory problems. That is why it is essential to ensure mold is discovered early on and remediated properly.

The IICRC has been on the frontlines in educating mold remediation professionals through accredited standards and certifications. The ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation is the only accredited mold remediation standard available and is widely used by industry professionals worldwide. “We often see federal regulators adopting various standards and educational documents,” says Mili Washington, standards director for the IICRC, “and we believe this is an ideal opportunity for the EPA to incorporate the ANSI/IICRC S520 by reference when issuing the nonbinding standards discussed in this legislation.”

According to, a website developed to track mold legislation and regulation throughout the United States, only a handful of states have mold licensure programs. It is pivotal that those individuals assessing and remediating mold have the knowledge and background needed to perform the tasks properly the first time. “The Fix Moldy Housing Act offers a path to ensuring that mold assessors and remediators throughout the United States are appropriately trained. IICRC has been educating mold remediation professionals by developing accredited certifications and standards, including the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation. We look forward to offering our standards and certifications to members of Congress, the EPA, and other stakeholders to assist in developing state licensure programs,” says IICRC President/Chairman Carey Vermeulen.