IEHA is pleased to announce the development and upcoming launch (Fall 2013) of the official Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) website to be located at (not live).
The ICM site will house IEHA’s ICM Research Center to explain and showcase diverse testing methods embraced by ICM for better benchmarking including:
•             Hand-held microscopes
•             Gloss meters
•             Color measurements
•             Gravimetric scales (weighing soils removed or retained)
•             Particle counters
•             Airborne dust mass measurements
•             Allergen measurements
•             Slip and Fall Traction measurements (per NFSI)
•             Enzyme measurements
•             ATP measurements (per the ISSA Clean Standard)
•             RODAC measurements
•             Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM ) Images
•             Other measurements
"Given the importance of tracking progressive cleaning and environmental metrics in today's indoor spaces, IEHA is pleased to develop the new ICM site for the professional cleaning community,” said Beth Risinger, CEO and Executive Director of IEHA. “We will also be producing  an 'Ask IEHA about ICM' feature to enable industry education by IEHA members proficient at using scientific measurement to improve indoor environments, and in tandem will be promoting the concept  of Truth in Cleaning to assist the facilities community.”
IEHA will offer online education and e-learning at modest cost to IEHA members to promote the ongoing, effective use of ICM.
IEHA will also continue offering the ICM Booklet at: