IEHA has partnered with Shaw Industries to offer free to IEHA's members, Shaw's online Maintenance and Cleaning (MAC) Learning Management System (LMS) to provide both Management Level Training and Technician Training along with follow up testing to enable knowledge and assessment in these carpet care areas:

• Why Clean and Maintain
• Preventive Maintenance
• Reactive Maintenance
• Daily Maintenance
• Interim Maintenance
• Extraction/Deep Cleaning

"We believe the MAC program will provide IEHA members a foundational tool to improve their carpet care knowledge and related skills, as well as a basis for enhancing their internal training programs," said Beth Risinger, CEO and Executive Director of IEHA.

"At Shaw Industries, we want you to be happy with your carpet, and this means satisfaction with its appearance and cleanliness," said Charlie Rollins, Director of Product Support for Shaw Industries. "While carpet cleaning may not seem like the most exciting subject matter, at Shaw Industries, we get excited about it. That is why we developed MAC as a fun, interactive training tool for the carpet industry to help teach the basics of carpet maintenance and cleaning. We hope you enjoy this program and find it useful in maintaining or improving the appearance of your carpet."

About The MAC Program
MAC (Maintenance and Cleaning) is an interactive, web-based training course for the maintenance of commercial carpet. There are three MAC training courses available to you: MAC for Managers is designed for the decision maker; MAC for Technician is a shorter version for the technician actually doing the cleaning; and is available in English and Spanish.

The Registration Code "IEHA" gives the entire organization access to all three courses and does not limit the number of people who can participate. For instructions on how to access the MAC program, visit and click on "Shaw Industries' MAC (Maintenance and Cleaning) Program." You must be logged in to the IEHA website in order to access this document.