The International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) announces that Clorox Commercial Solutions Green Works Concentrated Cleaners from Clorox Professional Products Company have been recognized as High Performance Cleaning Products (HPCP).

HPCP is a voluntary, fee-based program which tests green product performance on real-world soils. To be approved for the IEHA HPCP program, a product must perform exceedingly well on more than one type of dirt and soil as determined by the Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI) Lab at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. During testing, it was proven that Clorox Commercial Solutions Green Works All Purpose Cleaner, Green Works® Bathroom Cleaner and Green Works Glass Cleaner were effective and performed equal to or better than comparative products tested.

“In addition to testing the supplied products, the evaluation compared Green Works Concentrated Cleaners to traditional cleaning products typically used for the various applications,” said Jason Marshall, ScD and Laboratory Director for TURI. “To be considered for the HPCP program, the products must work as well as or better than traditional products. Green Works Concentrated Cleaners meet those requirements for all-purpose, bathroom and glass cleaning.”

TURI Lab testing involves rigorous scientific testing.

“For the TURI Lab methods, efficacy was determined by weighing surface materials before and after cleaning to determine the amount of soil removed,” explained Marshall. “In addition to weighing, by measuring the color of the surface prior to cleaning (after soiling and after cleaning) the amount of soil removed was related to the change in color of the surface. The closer to the original level, the better the cleaning performance of Green Works Concentrated Cleaners was, proving its top-notch performance.”