In conjunction with International Housekeepers Week (September 11-17, 2011), the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) has selected Jean Bruny of the environmental services department at Norwood Hospital in Norwood, Massachusetts, as the 2011 Unsung Hero Award recipient. IEHA member Maryann Santisi, Director of Environmental Services for Norwood Hospital, nominated Bruny for the award.

Santisi's nomination letter identifies a specific example where Bruny reacted quickly and went above and beyond his regular job duties: "In Unit 36 at Norwood Hospital, we treat individuals with behavioral health issues ranging from psychiatric disorders to substance abuse. On the morning of Thursday, September 9, 2010, Jean Bruny was cleaning the corridor of Unit 36, when he heard a disturbance coming from one of the offices. Someone was calling for help. Jean quickly responded and tried to open the door. Realizing it was locked, he removed his key ring and using his master, unlocked the door. Inside, a patient was assaulting a physician. Jean restrained the patient and assistance came quickly. In the midst of the activity that followed, Jean quietly slipped away and resumed his duties," explains Santisi.

"Later that day, it was brought to my attention that Jean had helped to save this doctor's life.  Immediately following the assault, the physician was transported to the emergency department, where he was treated for his injuries. The Environment of Care Committee has reviewed this matter and recommendations for change have been advanced, insuring that an incident of this nature never happens again. Jean can be described as friendly, hard working, polite, cooperative and flexible — often described as a gentleman by staff in Unit 36. Jean responded to this incident without hesitation or consideration to his own safety to what was a very dangerous situation," says Santisi.

As the 2011 Unsung Facility Hero Award winner, Bruny will receive one complimentary year of membership to IEHA, a certificate of appreciation, a $200 cash bonus and have his story printed in Executive Housekeeping Today magazine. Congratulations, Jean!