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Bluefin Global LLC has acquired HydraMaster from its owner, Nilfisk. Bluefin Global’s vision is to continue the positive trajectory that HydraMaster has recently experienced and to realize the business’ full potential.

“Having an ownership group that is closer connected to the cleaning and restoration professional will ensure that we can re-establish the entrepreneurial spirit upon which HydraMaster was built,” says Bruce Daw, vice president of sales for HydraMaster. “Our distributors and the cleaning and restoration professionals that invest in HydraMaster equipment can be encouraged by the focus of this new ownership group on their success. We are excited to enter this new chapter for HydraMaster with an extended vision for the application of the quality products we manufacture.”

The current leadership team for HydraMaster will continue to be an important part of this new company. The HydraMaster leadership team will be supplemented the owner and CEO of Bluefin Global LLC, Josh Howard, who will step in as CEO of HydraMaster. Mr. Howard brings with him several years of international leadership experience in the cleaning equipment industry.

“Over the last 47 years, HydraMaster has pioneered and built a legacy brand that is the recognized leader in the carpet and restoration equipment industry,” says Howard. “The future vision is to continue the great legacy of HydraMaster while building and investing in the people and customers of HydraMaster. A strategic plan for the future will be focused on how HydraMaster can evolve from good to great while leaving a lasting impact on the people and industry around them. I believe the greatest days are ahead for the HydraMaster company,and with the dedicated and talented team at HydraMaster we will do great things in the cleaning industry!”

HydraMaster’s global headquarters will remain in Mukilteo, Washington, at its present location.