Team working together concept

Legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan recently gave a speech at CinemaCon2023 highlighted the importance of a collective team environment. Using the cinema industry as an example — and including everyone from the movie theatre owners, to distributors, to people working the concessions — a successful initiative requires everyone understanding their role and the importance of it. Analyzing a step further, Smartbrief’s John Baldoni crafted an insightful piece on how Nolan’s speech can be applied to any industry or company. For any team to reach its full potential, Baldoni notes how simply stating the mission at-hand isn’t sufficient. To achieve full buy-in and effort, the “why” needs to be stressed — and the individuals from each part of the team need the consistent praise they deserve. 

Understanding the purpose: Nolan’s speech mentions the importance of everyone understanding the purpose of a company or team’s mission in order to have engagement. For frontline cleaning crews or distributors, this can equate to providing the necessary supplies to keep buildings and occupants safe/properly completing the cleaning processes to ensure everyone’s wellbeing. 

Emphasizing the ‘why’: Taking it a step further, members of the company or team need to understand why the mission is important and worth doing. It’s here where distributors or frontline cleaning managers can highlight the pitfalls of not doing the job properly — which can range from infection outbreaks, to occupant complaints, to even facility shutdowns if the quality and cleanliness isn’t deemed tenable. 

Full-team appreciation: Nolan also mentions the importance of making sure every facet of a team — from management to concession workers in a cinema industry comparison — get the proper recognition they deserve. If someone who is deemed as less experienced or has a position that doesn’t receive appreciation, then motivation to give a full effort becomes more difficult (even if the mission and importance of said mission is stated.) In the cleaning realm, while the practice as a whole is gaining appreciation as a result of the previous shutdowns, making sure those frontline workers are commended is pivotal toward longstanding engagement on the job. 

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