Dry cracked skin macro closeup of index finger of female young woman's hand showing eczema medical condition called dyshidrotic pompholyx or vesicular dyshidrosis

Janitors, custodians and other cleaning professionals deal with a lot of chemicals, which can be hard on the skin if personal protective equipment isn’t used consistently and properly. They also touch a lot of nasty, germ-infested objects throughout any given shift, requiring them to wash their hands often. Making matter worse, cold weather is here, which does a lot to dry and crack skin no matter a person’s profession.

Luckily, there are measures a person can take to keep their skin in good shape. Whether they’re a jan/san sales rep, custodian, facility manager or something else, any person in the cleaning industry can keep their frequently-washed hands in good shape by following thee following tips from Popular Science. 

1. Common hand soap can strip skin of important oils, making it harder for hands to stay naturally moisturized. Consider trading out hand soap with dermatologist-recommended cleaners to give skin a break.

2. Continue to apply hand lotion to skin throughout the day. 

3. Wear gloves whenever dealing with bleach, laundry detergent or other cleaning agents. When outside, wear mittens or winter gloves.

4. Apply coconut oil, argan oil or sweet almond oil to hands. It’s a good idea to just apply a few drops to the wrist just to start so it’s known whether or not the person using the oil is allergic.

5. Apply oil, ointment or cream to hands wrapped in cotton gloves before going to bed.

For a more comprehensive explanation of Popular Science’s advice, read its article here.