How To Remove PPE Safely And Effectively

When wearing protective gear, such as goggles, face shields, gloves, aprons, and other items, it is very important to remove them carefully. Working in contaminated areas, workers are still at risk, "if removal of protective not done properly," says Trish Perl, an epidemiologist with Johns Hopkins Health System.
Because of this, Impact-Products, manufacturer of personal protection gear and clothing offers the following suggestions on how to remove protective gear properly:
Gloves: With your gloved hand, grab the cuff of the other glove, pull it forward from the wrist, and pull it off your hand, leave it inside out; now, with your ungloved hand, insert two fingers under the other glove and slide them down to your fingers, allowing the glove to fold over, leave inside out and trash.
Aprons/gowns: Untie the apron from the back and then reach into the inside of the apron and pull it off your arm; repeat with the other arm.
Shoes: To remove protective covers off of shoes, remove them while your gloves are still on.  It is best not to reuse the covers.
Face shields and masks (over the mouth): Do not remove shields or masks until you are away from contaminated areas. Wash hands thoroughly first. If the shield/mask has a strap around your head, grab from behind the head, lift up, and slowly pull away from your face; if the shield/mask has two strings, untie the bottom string first, then the top string, and then slowly pull over your head and away from your face.
Goggles: Remove goggles by pulling them straight forward from your face; if goggles have a strap around your head, pull the strap over the head and remove.
All protective gear should be removed slowly. If pulled too quickly, contaminants may become airborne and land on other surfaces. Finally, after all gear has been removed, wash hands thoroughly.