How To Recognize Bed Bugs

Would you recognize a bed bug if you found one? A study in the American Entomologist asked 1,956 travelers to pick out a bed bug from a lineup of bug silhouettes.

About 42 percent of leisure travelers and 29 percent of business travelers choose the “I don’t know” option. Only 28 and 35 percent of leisure and business travelers, respectively, chose correctly.

An article on the Reader's Digest offers the survey's lineup of the usual insect suspects commonly found in facilities. They include ants, termites, louse and ticks, in addition to the bed bug.

Any of the five listed can cause false alarm complaints from building occupants, which can result in bad  publicity for a facility and additional labor hours for custodial crews. In fact, roughly 30 percent of travelers said they’d ask the hotel to place them in a different room if they found any of these pests. And almost 60 percent said they would switch hotels entirely.

Cleaning staffs are encouraged to keep an eye out for pests when servicing any area of the facility. When specifically hunting for bed bugs, it's smart to check in mattress seams, behind the headboard, and on chairs and couches for evidence. There are other signs of bed bugs besides the actual insect — including their droppings. Fecal spots are roundish, dark brown to black, and typically with several in the same area.

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