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Just because a company does good work at a good rate doesn’t necessarily mean it will get the amount of clients it deserves. Sometimes this issue can be shored up when a company improves its marketing. However, not all companies are able to devote a lot of money, if any, to a marketing budget.

Here are a few marketing practices that can be used by companies that want to give their business more attention without breaking the bank, courtesy of Janitorial Manager.

1. Email marketing: Email marketing is the practice of sending emails to potential customers. Since the cost of email marketing is free, it’s something just about any company can implement. And the better the message, the more effective the campaign.

2. Social media marketing: Billions of people across the world have one, if not more, social media accounts. Given the sheer number of users, social media is great way to reach a variety of customers. Those in the cleaning industry should explore using Instagram because that platform allows users to demonstrate the good work they do through images. Gain the interest of possible clients by following their accounts and commenting on their posts.

3. Chamber of commerce membership: An old school approach, paying to join a community’s chamber of commerce is a great way to be connected with the customers in an area seeking certain services.

4. Attend industry events: The cleaning industry is full of various associations, clubs and events that can put a company in better touch with its customer base. Businesses can get the word out about themselves just by attending these events and talking to potential customers. Those who speak at these events get even more exposure.

5. Create a blog: When it comes to having a web presence, analytics mean everything. Google and other search engines award websites that provide relevant information. By creating a blog with SEO in mind, businesses have a better chance of getting noticed.

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