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How workers feel doing their work and being in the workplace is important. That's because workers that enjoy their job, their coworkers and their company are more likely to preform well, which is of course what any business wants from its staff. 

On the other hand, employees who really dread their job and loathe their workspace and the company they work for are more likely to make less of a positive impact. 

To ensure that employees have a positive experience at work in 2021, Entrepreneur suggested business do several things. Here are some of those actions and how they might relate to the cleaning industry:

1. Let them work from home (when it makes sense)

Of course, work-from-home employment isn't something building service contractors and facility mangers can offer to their cleaning staff, so it's off the table in that situation. However, these types of operations could perhaps offer this perk to employees that work in more of an administrative role. Jan/san distributors can offer this perk to many of their workers, too.  For example, a sales rep should in most cases be just fine either working from home or in the field.

2. Give them a work-life balance

This is something any type of business in the cleaning industry should aim to offer their workers.

3. Provide them with the support they need

Employees should know that their employer is willing to help them when they encounter an issue on the job. Support and assistance is especially impactful when it can be individually catered to an employee.