Janitor using a dust mop

The dust mop is an asset for commercial cleaning companies and facility cleaning managers alike. This trusted tool removes debris, while also extending the life of the floor. But not all dust mops are the same.

When selected a dust mop, Waxie suggests the person making the purchase first decide what type of mop they want: launderable or disposable.

Like the name suggests, launderable mops feature heads able to withstand repeated use and cleaning. Comprised of either 4-ply cotton or synthetic yarn, these mops offer a strong long-term valuable.

Disposable dust mops are an economical option often used when a laundering mop simply isn’t an option. These mops come either pre-treated or untreated.

When it comes to dust mops, size does matter. The size selected to clean a floor is dependent on the size of the area being cleaned. If janitors are going to be working in an area where size is at a premium, one of the smaller options should be selected. When caring for a large area like a basketball court, larger mops are the better options.

Like most tools a janitor uses, what is or isn’t being used along with the dust mop is important. Synthetic mops cannot be treated, however launderable dust mops can and should receive dust mop treatment. When doing this, Waxie suggests pouring 1 ounce of treatment for every 6 inches. The mop should then be rolled up and stored for at least 8 hours.

Over-treatment of a dust mop can be a big mistake as it can make floors extra slippery and more difficult to clean. 

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