male janitor in black uniform holding mop. Cleaning service and hospital disinfection. Flat style vector illustration on white background

From National Roller Coaster Day to National Crossword Puzzle Day, there seems to be a day of celebration for just about everything positive in the United States. With so many days celebrating so many things, some celebrations are more important than others. It's our opinion that National Custodian Day, held today and every Oct. 2, is one of the more significant dates.

Despite low wages and little praise, custodians across the United States go to work everyday to keep buildings clean and people healthy. Never has the importance of this job been made more evident than in 2020, as the men and women of this profession help to protect kids and adults from COVID-19.

To celebrate National Custodian Day, National Today recommends doing the following:

1. Do something nice for a custodian, like hand them a gift card or another small, but meaningful gift.

2. Reach out to the supervisor of your favorite custodian to tell him or her how much you appreciate the work that custodian does.

3. Schedule an office potluck event that can be used to celebrate the work of the custodian.