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China is so concerned about the further spread of coronavirus that its central bank is either deep cleaning or destroying cash that might have been infected, as CNN previously reported. This begs the question: How long can the virus stay on an object while maintaining the ability fo infect people?

Experts don't know exactly how long the new coronavirus can stay on surfaces. However, experts recently tried to get a better idea of the staying power of the new coronavirus by studying previous human coronavirus outbreaks in a new study published in the Journal Of Hospital Infection.

Researchers analyzed 22 studies of how inanimate objects were impacted by different forms of the human coronavirus, including severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and endemic human coronavirus (HCoV). It was discovered that these forms of coronavirus can live on metal, glass or plastic for up to nine days.

While news of a virus living more than a week on an inanimate object might concern some, there is good news. Researchers discovered that the human coronaviruses studied can be deactivated by disinfecting using a solution of 62 to 71 percent ethanol, 0.5 percent hydrogen peroxide or 0.1 percent hypochlorite within one minute. 

The published research is quite comprehensive and detailed. To examine what was published in its entirety, click here.