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As the threat of coronavirus reportedly increases in the United States, a couple of hospital systems in the Cincinnati area are changing the way they screen for the virus, reports Local 12 WKRC-TV.

Patients who have traveled are asked a number of screening questions when they come to a St. Elizabeth Healthcare facility. Those that give a questionable answer tip off a special response involving anything from emergency room treatment to primary care.

Not just traveling patients are screened at UC Health. Any person who is admitted or checks-in at the facility is screened for coronavirus.

TriHealth has already expanded upon the series of questions they ask patients pertaining to the coronavirus, even vetting them about travel within the heal care system.

The amount of coronavirus screenings nationwide and the degree in which they are administered is very likely to pick up given recent news. U.S. health officials gave a briefing Tuesday night in which they said that it is a certainty that coronavirus will become a greater factor in the United States, reports NPR. In fact, they only questions those officials have is exactly when the coronavirus will hit and how many severe illnesses it will cause.