business team having fun learning at work

Ideally, every person alive would strive to learn up until the end of their life. Similarly, all workers should seek to continuously improve their skillset until their career ends. These improvements not only help the individual to get the most out of their career, but it also helps the companies that employ them. After all, the more employees learn on the job, the more likely they are to perform well, and in many cases, stick with the same company.

The following is recap of six tips Entrepreneur has for businesses looking to implement continued and successful on-the-job training offerings for their employees.

1. Make learning a company value

A company's core values should be what drives the organization. By making career growth one of these core values, a company can expect to attract workers who want to grow.

2. Offer guest speaker events

Break up the mundane day-to-day work routines by regularly brining in guest speakers who can impart knowledge on staff.

3. Leave time for learning

Offer workers the opportunity to learn while on the job. This education can come by way of online courses or learning a new software that improves their performance.

4. Offer workshops

Give workers the opportunity to participate in workshops led by other experienced employees. Entrepreneur suggests this practice also helps to bring employees closer together.

5. Make one-on-one meetings a priority

It's a good idea for managers to meet individually with everyone of their team members at least once a month. These meetings can explore expectations and seek feedback to ensure that everyone has an understanding of what needs to be done and how.

6. Create a department devoted to development

Companies should consider creating a department solely devoted to the growth of employees, provided they can afford this luxury.

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