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Contributed by TAL Global

A survey conducted the last two weeks of June 2022 finds that a staggering majority of respondents — nearly 83 percent — are more concerned about crime today than they were before the pandemic.
TAL Global, an international risk assessment and security consulting firm based in Silicon Valley, conducted the survey.
More than 1,000 people, including facility managers, were invited to participate. Of those, 106 people completed the entire study.

Among the other findings were the following:

  • Sixty-six percent report their staff is more concerned about crime today than before the pandemic.
  • Asked if building security is playing a role in getting employees back to work, about 38 percent of the respondents said yes, 38 percent said no, and the remainder, 24 percent, said they were unsure.
  • These findings parallel the results of another question. When asked if building security plays a role in retaining and attracting new tenants, once again, 38 percent said yes, 38 percent no, with the remainder unsure.
  • As to addressing concerns about crime and building security, 56 percent indicated they would “install or update cameras and surveillance systems,” 22 percent said they would “hire security guards,” and 37 percent said they plan to “install or update their alarm systems.”


Along with these results, “a third said they plan to have a risk assessment conducted,” says Johnathan Tal, CEO of TAL Global.

“The value of conducting a risk assessment is that it identifies potential hazards, suggesting ways these can be minimized or eliminated.”

Tal adds that the survey also allowed respondents to offer their own suggestions on addressing crime and building security. Many people took advantage of this option. Among their responses were the following:

  • Offer situational awareness training for building tenants.
  • Offer active shooter and firearms training.
  • Install electronic locks on all doors, inside and out.
  • Send our regular crime updates and personal safety tips to tenants.


“The big takeaway is how concerns about crime have escalated since the pandemic,” adds TAL.

“My advice to concerned facility managers is to start with a professionally conducted risk assessment. That way you know exactly what needs to be accomplished to ensure your safety and those using your facility.” 

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