European man wearing a mask at the airport

Airplanes are both amazing and disgusting. The massive, fast-moving pieces of expert engineering can take humans to virtually every corner of the world. However, these multi-ton germ traps also bring diseases along for the ride.

Public awareness of germs and the risk they place on human life is at an all-time high due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately for airlines, this increased consciousness has lead many to focus on just how nasty airplanes are. As society heads towards age of cleanliness, these companies will really have to up their game or risk being grounded, reports CNBC.

Before they can resume business like they would hope to, airlines will have to come into come in compliance with health and safety regulations that will almost certainly be more strict than before. Airports could begin testing the body temperatures of all those who wish to fly during the boarding process, as is suggested by some federal agencies.

Once the airplane takes off, airlines will have to improve in-flight infection protection by reducing all the frills that are sometime found on board, such as cash payments for drinks and complementary pillow and blankets.

In-flight janitors could also become a fixture, according to a report by Simplifying