According to NBC reporting, the hospitality industry is implementing some pretty dramatic changes, including the eliminating of bulky housekeeping carts. The traditional cart is being replaced with smaller, more nimble caddies that workers carry directly into the guest rooms.

Eliminating the carts will help improve perception of the hotel by removing large carts from hallways. And because workers carry supplies with them, guest room doors will not be propped open during cleaning.

According to reports, replacing the traditional housekeeping cart will also eliminate potential theft of supplies and toiletries. In fact, the small bottles are also being replaced with refillable dispensers in guest rooms.

Hotel guests will also find fewer bathtubs available in their guest room as the industry shifts to more luxurious stand-up showers.

Additional changes being made within the industry are lobby renovations that are conducive for working, mingling or lounging. Studies found that the growing population of travelers don't want to spend time in their guest room, so hoteliers are offering additional plug-in areas throughout the grounds so guests can stay connected in the public places.

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