A sign outside a Club Quarters hotel in London

Restaurants, bars, movie theaters -- all sorts of businesses across America are re-opening their doors to the public for the first time in the COVID-19 era. Regardless of their previous business model or who they serve, many of these businesses seem to be changing the way they operate upon reopening. For an example of this, just look to the hotel industry.

Club Quarters Hotels sent out an email to customers recently profiling its new Certified Safe & Clean Program -- an initiative devoted to clean and safe travel.

The first perk the program boasts is the significant implementation of technologies that replace the need to touch objects. For example, each hotel check-in and entrance into a guest room is "mobile-enabled," which allows customers to enter using a smartphone app. Guests can also control their television using their smartphone and can text for needs or request.

The company also says it has implemented certified cleaning and disinfecting practices. These practices are taught by the very companies who specialize in cleaning and hygiene standards. The standards are approved by Diversey and certified by Bureau Veritas, which specializes in testing and inspecting hotel cleanliness.

Surely, Club Quarters Hotels won't be the last hotel chain to implement new cleaning and infection control practices. It will be interesting to see what others decide to do.