Hospital Workers Rally For Pay Increase

Facilities staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital are demonstrating to get a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour, according to an article on the Crain's Chicago Business website.

A group of employees represented by the Service Employees International Union Healthcare Illinois recently rallied alongside Chicago aldermen and community leaders to speak their minds. The employees include custodians and environmental service workers that currently start at $11.50 an hour.

According to the article, the union contract expired on March 29th and workers are hoping to remind hospital officials that the recognition the hospital receives for its quality care is only possible because of the hard work of the staff.

Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, who demonstrated along with workers was quoted as saying: “I would hope that this institution with billions of dollars in assets, with $500 million plus in revenue each year, with hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, could at least start out its workers at $15 an hour." ​

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