background of blue hosptial interior with free space and doctor place

Like most hospitals worldwide, UW Health is being tested mightily by the COVID-19 pandemic. UW Health, which is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin and services a portion of the Badger state, says it hopes to hire more than 30 environmental service (EVS) workers to join the hardworking frontline crew at its largest hospital in Madison, reports Spectrum News 1.

The healthcare giant hopes to put new hires to work cleaning and detailing during each of the first, second and third shifts.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has been in short supply at many across the United States  due to the demand caused by COVID-19. However, Mikel Kind, who works as the UW Health EVS fifth floor supervisor, says he has plenty of PPE to give to his staff. In addition to the vital equipment, Kind is proud to say that his crews also have UV cleaning machines that they can use to provide additional disinfection to areas of the hospital.