Hospital janitor

While many frontline workers might find their jobs stressful and scary during the COVID-19 pandemic, a hospital janitor working in one of the cities most decimated by the outbreak finds happiness in his opportunity to protect the vulnerable.

Jhonelly Gil is working seven days a week at New York's Bellevue Hospital, cleaning the bodily fluids left on the floors of rooms where COVID-19 patients are being treated, reports ABC 14. Through his work, Gil is protecting (and likely saving) the lives of healthcare professionals.

Gil tells the television station that it's hard to see people so ill hooked up to equipment, but he does his best not to think about these sights so that he can maintain the mental strength needed to get the job done.

Instead of taking in all of the grisly sights and sounds to which he is subjected, Gil instead chooses to find "joy" in the fact that his work is such a positive. He's an essential part of a monumentally important hospital at a horrific time. 

Gil says he is taking on full shifts even when he's not scheduled to work and has skipped breaks. During theses shifts Gil will empty the garbage, spray rooms and mop floors, among other things.

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