Hospital Facility Service Technology Boosts Efficiency

To streamline facility service management, multiple systems have been merged into a new web-based platform called FacilityFit, according to an announcement from Aramark. The new technology works with mobile devices, traditional work stations or call center environments that link staff to the system. The platform can be customized for a range of tasks including:

* Asset and work order management - enabling users to schedule maintenance for assets such as boilers, chillers, generators, lighting and other equipment critical to facility operation.

* Space care management - incorporating variables such as cleanable square feet and inpatient and outpatient volume to create cleaning tasks; and uses the data to develop accurate and equitable staffing models. It also deploys associates for specialized cleaning and maintenance and tracks task completion status and history.

* Bed management - tracking patient discharge, provides automated requests to deploy associates for room cleaning and provides notification when a room is ready for re-occupancy.

* Inspections/quality control - including all facility related quality inspection categories.

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