Homeless man holding up a depressing sign

The city of Louisville, Kentucky is putting forth a great effort to better protect it's most vulnerable citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Louisville has placed eight portable toilet and hand washing stations throughout the city so that the spread of COVID-19 might better be contained among the homeless people there, reports WHAS 11.

The city's homeless typically use the restroom resources that willing businesses will afford them, but with most shutdown, these emergency restroom settings are a potentially life-saving option.

Making the situation worse is the fact the homeless people of Louisville are out of touch with what is going on with the rest of society, says city councilwoman Sexton Smith, according to WHAS 11. So while news of the COVID-19 outbreak is being consumed by virtually all other Americans, most of the homeless are clueless to the dire situation.

To further educate the homeless population, outreach workers are going to homeless encampments and the streets where the homeless live to let them know about the pandemic.

Each handwashing station can provide 350 handwashes once fully stocked. Hopefully, word of these stations gets out and this population is saved.