A pile of Christmas gift boxes made of cardboard, tied with red ribbons on a white background with a red Santa hat. Concept of delivery on public holidays. Preparing for the new year.

The following poem was submitted by Coast Brothers with permission from Tarzana Joe.

Christmas 2021

O, how does Santa do it?
The little children ask
Getting goods from place to place
Is not an elfin task

When boys and girls are being good
He sends out all his buyers
They come to us because they know
We have the best suppliers

And when the world is naughty
Santa’s looking for a coal sale
He calls on us, of course, because
We get it for him wholesale

That’s why we’re tight with Santa
And bask in his good graces
When he’s short on reindeer food
We send him fifty cases

So, if we help on Christmas Eve
With all there is to do
Imagine how we fill the needs
Of other clients too

Our team is always ready
For turns that Fate can take
Making our objective
To bend but never break

For everything we thought we knew
Can change without much warning
And we see every client like
A kid on Christmas morning

Yes, at this special time of year
There’s nothing like believing
But if you place an order
There is nothing like receiving

May happiness, like Santa
Travel freely over borders
May every wish be granted
Like a flood of special orders

May love and understanding
Overwhelm the things we fear
And cure whatever ails us
With a toast of Christmas cheer

So Happy Merry Christmas
We hope you all have fun
God bless and ever keep you
Each and every one

- By www.TarzanaJoe.com