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Hill & Markes, a family-owned wholesale distributor, has launched a new podcast. Since1906 is about Hill & Markes and how their mission is more than moving product of a shelf — it’s a commitment to safety and well-being. Since1906 is about how every employee is family, every delivery makes a difference, and each customer is home. This podcast shares what makes a 3rd generation, family-owned business into a well-known industry name and is geared toward business professionals.

“We’re about to disrupt distribution with the Since1906 podcast! This podcast has been a passion project for my co-host, Courtney, and me. We are so excited to share it with everyone and are stunned at the feedback we’ve gotten so far from our listeners in just two weeks,” says Katie Bruno, marketing supervisor at Hill & Markes and co-host of the Since1906 podcast. “Being able to have the authentic and inspiring conversations with CEOs, VPs, and more industry experts has been such a rewarding experience, one that we will never forget.”

The most recent episode features Hill & Markes CEO, Jason Packer, and he did not hold back. Discover his journey to joining the family business after leaving his political career in DC and working his way up to CEO. He covers it all — the realities that come with succession planning, culture, community, and COVID. Get a tasty look into a successful 115-year-old business with a visionary at its helm.

“I am beaming with pride and full of so much excitement for Since1906. This podcast has given us the opportunity to connect with the professionals that make up the incredibly dynamic and ever-changing distribution and wholesale industry,” says Courtney Guttenberg, marketing coordinator and co-host of the Since1906 podcast. “The conversations we have had with our guests show that people are the true heroes of wholesale. Being able to work with Katie on this project from the ground up has made me have such an appreciation for what we do and how we do it.”

To listen to the podcast, visit or download on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.