Different types of kiosks

Digital signs and kiosks could help businesses, public venues and commercial properties to enforce mask-wearing mandates and encourage the use of hand sanitize, according to a trade publication devoted to signage.

Digital Signage Today reports that manufacturers in the industry it covers are developing signage and kiosks that do a variety of things related to the mitigation of virus transmission. For example, one company has created hand sanitizing kiosks that provide opportunities to provide advertising  and information, as well as instructions on how to achieve proper hand hygiene. Some of the kiosks even include devices that can check the temperatures of people visiting them. One company is even offering a UV light add on to kiosks so that their touchscreens can be cleaned automatically.

One of the kiosk makers says it developed a hand sanitizing kiosk that can dispense gel or foam more than 5,000 times before it has to be refilled.

The report says that companies are also developing tools that use facial recognition software to tell if a customer or visitor is or isn't wearing a mask. It's possible that some of these tools could even prevent a door from opening for someone trying to walk through it if they're not wearing a mask.

Whether it's improving mask mandate or hand hygiene compliance, these sort of tools could make infection control a lot easier for workers.