Hesitation For Starting A Cleaning Company

Although Segura and Associates works primarily with large cleaning contractors, Ron Segura, president of the organization, encourages newcomers to start a contract cleaning business and get involved in the industry.

“Virtually all the contractors I have worked with began small, and look where they are today,” says Segura. “What they all share in common is they simply jumped in and got their businesses going.”

However, many people find one excuse after another for not starting a cleaning company. Segura says the ten most frequent excuses he hears are the following:

1. It will be too difficult.
2. I don’t have the money to start a cleaning business.
3. There are already too many cleaning companies in my town.
4. I’m already too busy working at my regular job.
5. I will have no time to relax and be with my family.
6. My friends tell me I am crazy to start any business.
7. I don’t think I’m smart enough to run a business.
8. It will take too long to make any money.
9. I don’t know enough about cleaning.
10. And, the all-time favorite, I might fail.

“There’s a rebuttal for all these excuses,” says Segura. “But the bottom-line is that just about every large cleaning contractor thought the same things when they got started. If you have been thinking about starting a contract cleaning business, don’t let these excuses stand in your way.”