Ecolab has a new plan for improving sustainability in the industries with which it does business. One of those industries, hospitality, has historically struggled with sustainability. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels accounted for 1 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. They also use up a considerable amount of water - 10 percent of the average hotel's utility bill is water. If Ecolab can help make improvements happen, it would be a big success, reports Triple Pundit.

Ecolab wants to assist its customers in decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases they produce by better managing their use of water. Not only would this help the environment, but the reduction in water use would also save a lot of money for a hospitality industry that's struggling right now due to the pandemic.

As Triple Pundit Reports, the International Tourism Partnership has said that the hospitality industry must reduce its emissions by two-thirds by 2030 if it wants to comply with the 2 degrees Celsius threshold set by the Paris climate agreement. But its believed that some companies within the industry aren't doing a good enough job of setting and achieving sustainability goals to help the industry achieve the benchmarks that have been set. If Ecolab can help the hospitality industry become more consistent with its goal setting and even help hotels set their own individual goals, then improvements can be made.