Rockstar grandma

With a number of great candidates selected as nominees over the past year, now is a great time to vote for the Rock Star Custodian 2019.

Developed by the Academy For Cleaning Excellence and GEM Supply, the Rock Star Custodian program honors the best custodians in the United States. Custodians are nominated for the award based on their integrity, ability to properly analyze a situation, determination, optimism, willingness to take ownership for their actions, service to others, ability to utilize resources and communication.

Voting for the award will be open through Dec. 15 with the winner being announced in January 2020.

Candidates for this year’s award are: Connie Smith, Marion County Public Schools, Ocala, Flordia; Jerry Workman, Pinellas Technical Education Center, Clearwater, Florida; Willard Moore, University of Maryland, Baltimore; Nicole Martone, Cross Bayou Elementary, Pinellas Park, Florida; Todd Belair, Osceola Fundamental High, Seminole, Florida; Joel Rodriguez Muniz, Deerwood Elementary, Kissimmee, Florida; Gwen Nagasiak, Beth Regional High School, Bethel, Alaska; Sandralee Rodriguez, NeoCity Academy, Kissimmee, Florida; Dominique Watson, Oakwood Shores, Chicago; Louis Legget, Kingsville Baptist Church, Ball, Louisiana; James C. Clark, Jr., The Potter’s House International Ministries, Jacksonville, Florida; Ronnie Brannon, Victory Forest Community Center, Fort Worth, Texas.

To place a vote for the award and to read biographies of all the candidates, click here.