With the release of the updated fourth edition of the highly regarded Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, the Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) is recognizing Enviro-Solutions, Ltd., and other industry leaders whose support has increased the impact of this guide and the related Green Clean Schools initiative.

Enviro-Solutions, Ltd., has supported this effort since its launch in 2006.

“Enviro-Solutions believed in the value of this guide, had the vision to see the impact it could have, and took a chance by supporting a fledgling program in 2006,” says Rochelle Davis, Executive Editor of the guide and President and CEO of the Healthy Schools Campaign. “Enviro-Solutions has helped to grow this program and create change in schools.”

Ten states now require Green cleaning in schools, and the federal government now recognizes Green cleaning as a priority with programs such as Green Ribbon Schools and the recently released EPA state school environmental health guidelines.

“Given the importance of the impact of a proven-Green Cleaning Program--improved health, attendance, student performance, and protecting the health of all building occupants--we are very pleased about the acceptance and growth of the Healthy Schools Campaign,” says Mike Sawchuk, Vice President and General Manager of Enviro-Solutions.

“As more schools begin their journey to cleaner and healthier facilities, more and more students will be able to enjoy real and tangible benefits for a lifetime.”

The Quick & Easy Guide offers an authoritative, easy-to-use resource for starting or continuing a healthy, effective, affordable, and environmentally responsible cleaning program.

The guide outlines five steps for starting or enhancing a Green cleaning program, including using Green products and equipment, adopting new cleaning procedures, and involving all school stakeholders in the process.

The guide also includes an enhanced purchasing directory that lists hundreds of products that meet HSC’s environmental standards for schools.