Betco Corporation announces the release of Healthy Schools Campaign's updated, expanded and re-designed fourth edition of The Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools. Betco has been a Supporting Partner since 2006 and was recently recognized by the Healthy Schools Campaign for its continuing support during a ceremony at the ISSA Show in Chicago. As sponsor, Betco has played a key role on the team whose support has made the impact of this guide and the related Green Clean Schools initiative so significant.
Since the launch of the Green Clean Schools initiative in 2006, the movement for green cleaning in schools has grown significantly, with state-level legislation requiring green cleaning in schools, federal recognition of the importance of green cleaning, marketplace change and much more. The fourth edition of the Quick & Easy Guide was developed with the support of 25 national education stakeholder organizations and 22 cleaning industry corporate leaders following the distribution of nearly 125,000 copies of the popular and highly-regarded previous editions.
"Betco Corporation has been committed to Sustainability efforts since 1990 with the introduction of our Green Earth chemical line and dilution management system. We continue to improve our chemicals, equipment, technology and training resources to help support our customer's Sustainability efforts. Betco is glad to continually support the Quick & Easy Guide as a great benchmark resource for facilities to start or continually grow their Sustainability programs." John Reed - Director of Sustainability and Training, Betco Corporation.
As more schools seek to go green, The Quick & Easy Guide offers an authoritative, easy-to-use resource for getting started or moving forward with a healthy, effective, affordable and environmentally responsible cleaning program. The fourth edition, which includes practical advice for addressing today's cleaning challenges, builds on the success of time-tested earlier editions. The guide outlines five steps for starting or enhancing a green cleaning program, such as using green products and equipment, adopting new cleaning procedures and involving all school stakeholders in the process. The guide also includes an enhanced purchasing directory with hundreds of products that meet HSC's environmental standards for schools.
"It's incredible to see how much the movement for green cleaning in schools has grown since we launched the first guide in 2006," said Rochelle Davis, executive editor of the guide and President and CEO of Healthy Schools Campaign. "We've seen huge strides in policy, in the marketplace and on the ground in schools as more and more leaders embrace cleaning for health while protecting the environment. We are proud of the team that has come together to support this transformation. Healthy school environments are incredibly important to student success, staff productivity and the health of everyone in the school building."