The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) and IEHA wish to recognize the white paper, the ISSA Value of Clean, which ties proper cleaning to bottom-line financial value, and which is available for download at

“ISSA has made definite strides in connecting cleaning outcomes with the bottom line, i.e., direct financial gain, and it was satisfying to contribute in some small way to this milestone project,” said Allen Rathey, president and founder of HFI. “Cleaning activities affect a business's bottom line in many ways, some not so obvious, and developing a clearer understanding of those connections will help us as stewards of indoor environments do our jobs better, with greater appreciation, and more profitably.”

“IEHA applauds ISSA for producing the Value of Clean white paper, and wishes to thank them for including the University of WA, under IEHA past president, Gene Woodard, Director of Facilities Services Custodial Division, University of WA, as a model of the ‘value of cleaning’ in the final report,” said Beth Risinger, CEO and Executive Director of IEHA.

“The Value of Clean project and white paper further builds upon the solid foundation laid by the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) and CIMS-GB, and relates to the upcoming K-12 Clean Standard, as a means to better the business and value of professional cleaning for health,” Rathey noted.

“ISSA is pleased to have the support and input of these organizations - both IEHA and The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) - in our quest to mutually improve the cleaning and facilities industry,” said Dianna Steinbach, director of industry outreach for ISSA. “We will continue to welcome participation from  industry stakeholders in the development of these leadership initiatives.”