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More wipes are going to be desired in healthcare settings over the coming years, according to The Freedonia Group, a market researcher based in the Cleveland area.

At the conclusion of its research, Freedonia Group came to the expectation that the demand for wipes in healthcare settings will increase by 3.8 percent per year through 2023. At this rate of increase, healthcare wipes sales will be at $594 million by 2023.

The study expects the biggest industry players in wipes to be Kimberly-Clark, Nice-Pak, Procter & Gamble, and Rockline Industries. The top markets for wipes as of 2018 were baby wipes, manufacturing, healthcare and personal care.

“The risk of cross-contamination and HAIs will encourage the further adoption of disinfectant wipes products over alternatives such as reusable cloth rags and paper towels,” says Research Analyst Chad Henry.

Freedonia’s findings suggest that wipes are preferred over reusable cloth rags and paper towels because they are intended for single use — as opposed to cloth rags — and keep a surface wet for longer than paper towels