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HazTek Inc. continues their national expansion to include a new regional office based out of Boston, Massachusetts. This local office provides HazTek’s full range of services, including full-time project safety professionals, safety consulting, OSHA training, and safety leadership to current and new clients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine.

HazTek’s primary focus is to continue delivering safety excellence to New England in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology/life-sciences, data center, transportation, power, educational, heavy industrial, and distribution/shipping sectors. With the new office positioned in the region, HazTek can enhance support of their existing and growing client base throughout New England.

“Due to our rapidly growing client base and expanding local workforce, we felt it necessary to establish a local management and support team to sustain the quality of our services,” states HazTek CEO Steve Jones. “Construction in New England is thriving within the industries we serve and we anticipate significant and continued growth for many years to come.”

Overseeing the expansion is Don Albano, HazTek’s Quality Assurance Manager for the New England region. Albano provides direct support and communications to their clients while facilitating personnel management and professional development for HazTek’s team. “We have been actively developing team interactions and comprehensive training to advance the skills and development of HazTek employees,” says Albano. “This directly results in our ability to expand the capabilities and services that we can offer to our clients across the region, especially with the tremendous growth developing in so many industries.”

The newly established New England/Boston regional office joins HazTek’s existing coverage in the Northeast, Southeast, Gulf Coast, and Mid-Atlantic regions, with offices in the Philadelphia, New York, Charlotte, Houston, and Baltimore areas.