hand holding megaphone or bullhorn against blackboard with text PRODUCT RECALL

The U.S. FDA alerts the public with an ongoing list of recalled hand sanitizers for a variety of health and effectiveness-related reasons. For those in Canada, a similar resource is available.

Health Canada maintains this list of hand sanitizers that may pose health risks, so that Canadians can easily identify products they may have purchased and take appropriate action. It also provides instructions of what Canadians should do if they have the hand sanitizers inquisition, and are encouraged to check it regularly for updates.

Recently, five new hand sanitizers have been added to the Health Canada recall list, including

• Prevent+, Prevent+ Foam Sanitizer, and Prevent+ Rubbing Alcohol; Rubbing Alcohol 70% for potential bacteria contamination with Burkholderia stabilis

• Hand San Gel for not being authorized to contain technical-grade ethanol

• Embassy Ingredients - Hand Sanitizer for containing undeclared impurity, acetaldehyde, at elevated levels;  and for not being properly labelled (including missing risk statements and information for vulnerable population in French)

For the complete Health Canada list, click here