Canadian flag in front of view of False Creek and the Burrard street bridge in Vancouver, Canada.

Canadians are being told to not use a number of hand sanitizers just a few weeks after the United States placed an import alert on hand sanitizers being made in Mexico.

Since June 2020, Health Canada has been maintaining a list of hand sanitizers Canadians should ignore because they could cause health issues. Then, in early February, Health Canada issued a press release stating that it was adding more hand sanitizers to the list.

Hand sanitizers that were added to the recall list on Feb. 3 include:
• Annex/Raft Hand Sanitizer
• Anti-Microbe
• Germs Be Gone Hand Sanitizer Gel
• Gigi's Goodbye Germs Hand Sanitizer
• Happy Natural Products - Ethanol Sanitizer 80%
• Hello Bellow Hand Sanitizer Gel
• Hello Bellow Hand Sanitizer Spray
• HydraPure Gel
• PureGerme
• Silver Sanitizer
• Xero Germs
• Zytec Germ Buster

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration placed all alcohol-based hand sanitizers from Mexico on a countrywide import alert Jan. 26 to help stop products that appear to be in violation from entering the U.S.