Russell Kendzior, an HFI advisory board member and the president of the National Floor Safety Institute member, will lead an expert panel at the Risk Management Society RIMS2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition, in Los Angeles. 

The event will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and will address, “How The New ANSI B101 Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Standards Will Affect You.”
The goal of the panel is to help organizations position themselves to prevent slip, trip and fall litigation exposures, and to teach them about litigation trends and mitigation methods for incidents.

According to the HFI, slip, trip and fall lawsuits represent one of the fastest growing areas of personal injury litigation. With many Americans reaching retirement age — the most likely group to suffer a slip, trip and fall — more incidents can be expected. The associated claims and litigation costs could reach $100 billion by the end of the decade. Gain insight into lawsuit defense strategies, the standard of care that the courts require, applicable industry standards and how they can both help and hurt you.
Kendzior will be joined by panelists David Ludwin, product/general liability director, CNA Risk Control, and Gary Nesbit, director of risk & insurance, Advance Auto Parts, as part of an educational program consisting of more than 100 sessions in 11 categories at RIMS 2013.