The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) has added Hygiena, Kaivac, and Zadro to its vendor advisory council to promote and support discussions on the development of best practices leading to healthier facilities and communities, according to a press release. 

The additions also support the groundwork for a SMART committe — a Swift Market Assessment Response Team — to assist the marketplace in initiating healthier cleaning processes. 

“Following the example of  a leading automotive company, we are forming a SMART committee to best determine how to help the market convert rapidly to healthier processes and tools,” says Allen Rathey, founder and president of HFI. “We look forward to actively engaging with these companies — and others to be announced — in a dialogue to make facilities and communities more healthful through better cleaning, maintenance, and operations."

"We are pleased to welcome these forward-thinking organizations to this process.”

Hygiena is a microbiology and life science company best known as a manufacturer and supplier of ATP devices and swabs. Kaviac is a manufacturer of spray-and-vac cleaning machines, and other tools. Zadro designs products to promote healthy lifestyles, including Ultraviolet sanitizing wands. 

HFI plans to add other companies to its advisory council in the future.