Ruben Rives, chief executive officer of Miami, Florida-based H2Only Renewable Cleaning, Inc., has created the generic term — "ewater" — to describe “electrolyzed water,” “energized water,” and other branded water-based modalities that heretofore have been referred to by a variety of names such as “ozonated water," “activated water," “EC Water," “engineered water," and more.
“The term ‘ewater’ is simple, rolls off the tongue, and enables us to have an easier conversation about the general category and process without getting into brands or complicated names,” said Rives, whose business, H2Only Renewable Cleaning, services and supplies charter schools in Florida. “‘Renewable Cleaning’ is another term that we believe will become mainstream as a way to describe processes often involving just water, that are sustainable or renewable.”
The company stated that renewable cleaning integrates “ewater” along with the natural laws of physics, the dynamics of matter flow and other scientific principles to optimize neutralization and the removal of soils.