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Through a new advisory program, Green Seal is seeking feedback on three new chemical dispensing systems. The organization is inviting “all members of its stakeholder community and the general public” to submit comments by email to

Green Seal’s new Environmental Innovation Beta Advisory Program allows product manufacturers to explore environmental and health impacts, engage in product innovation, and achieve global recognition to the newest sustainability standard, according to a Green Seal announcement.

3M is a member of the initial group of participants who are pursuing certification of their products under the Environmental Innovation Standard (GS-20, Edition 2.0). The company submitted three products for the GS-20 Review:
• Twist ‘n Fill
• Flow Control (Locking Cabinet)
• Flow Control (Portable)

These chemical management systems all have the same primary innovation claim: A significantly reduced environmental impact resulting from greater dilution accuracy.

According to 3M, greater dispensing system accuracy may reduce human exposure and environmental impacts by providing users with a more reliable concentration of active ingredients in the final product. Greater accuracy may also avoid the need to dial in higher concentrations.

Green Seal has not yet validated any of these claims. Once the organization finalizes the requirements after the public comment period, 3M will submit documentation for third-party validation by Green Seal. The Twist ‘n Fill and Flow Control Chemical Management Systems will achieve Green Seal Certification for Environmental Innovation if all requirements in the 3M Chemical Management Systems Criteria Document are met.

Feedback will be accepted through June 27, 2019.

Download innovation claims here.