Green Schools Education Benefits Facility Managers

The Center for Green Schools, an affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is now offering research and best practices for creating green schools. A selection of these recourses are available for continued education hours through a program called “Education @USGBC.”

The resources are offered for free through on the enter's resources page and the associated quiz and continuing education hours are now also available through a subscription and for individual purchase.

The resources cover topics including the whole school sustainability framework, behavior-based strategies for energy savings in schools, developing policy solutions.

Resources that are now eligible for credit include:

• Using the Whole-School Sustainability Framework — This report defines each principle and uses literature from multiple disciplines to illustrate how each principle manifests in a school and why it is critical to successful sustainability.

• National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability — Based on a 2013 convening, this report outlines a national action plan toward environmental and sustainability literacy for all students by 2040, through collaboration, alignment and large-scale implementation.

• Power Down: Behavior-Based Energy Conservation in K-12 Schools — This toolkit follows the experiences of five public schools that have reduced electricity use by 20 to 37 percent through behavior-based strategies alone, looking to these schools as models for others and examining common strategies.

For more information on educational offerings and how to sign up, click here.