Green Hotels Association has managed to move the massive hospitality industry toward environmentalism by making guests aware of the impact and empowering them to make a choice. GHA has presented enough money-saving ideas to hoteliers to prove that conservation saves money. GHA has proven to the hospitality industry that conservation is wanted and expected by hotel guests.

Through towel and sheet cards and membership offered since 1993, GHA has managed to turn the hospitality industry toward effective and important changes in conserving water, conserving energy and reducing solid waste. Linen cards are now pervasive throughout the hospitality industry, and virtually no guest is surprised to learn of such a program during a hotel stay.

“Hotels have benefited enormously via reducing use of water, detergent, energy, labor, wear and tear on linens and equipment,” says GHA President and Founder Patricia Griffin, “and praise from guests, clients and the media has been almost ecstatic.”

Jeff Hiatt, author of “Change Management: the people side of change," is including GHA as a case study in his next book on management. He says, “GHA's success demonstrates what one person can do when they are passionate about change and use good techniques to manage that change. Prior to 1993 you rarely saw the cards suggesting that hotel guests have a choice about towel reuse. Now, some 12 years later, it is rare that you do not see these conservation reminders in nearly every hotel. What a win-win for both the hotel and the environment!"

Literally every hotel guest now expects to be offered a linen program during hotel stays because of GHA’s continued encouragement and cheering for 12+ years. Any hotel not offering such a program is taking a chance that their lack may be found offensive to all environment, nature, and health-interested and oriented individuals and groups.

Patricia continues, “Very few guests come to a hotel for the hotel itself. Guests come to hotels because of what is nearby, whether it’s a beach, golfing, skiing, scenery, history, cultural events, nature-based events, etc. So, hoteliers must care for and protect the reason their guests come.”