A business sign that says 'Come in We're Open' on Cafe / Restaurant window.

A Stratus Building Solutions franchise has been opened in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company announced.

The franchise opens as demand for green cleaning services in the city has soared. Local businesses, schools, daycares, religious centers, gyms and others are seeking healthier alternatives to cleaning their workspaces. It’s also an important development for Stratus Building Solutions, which has been growing in scope and stature since its founding in 2006.

Before becoming a master franchisor for the new Stratus Building Solutions location, Thomas Henning excelled in many ventures throughout his professional career which began as a chemical engineer at DuPont. Over the next 25  he would successfully build his own management consulting company and serve as vice president of marketing for a pharmaceutical company.

Henning began looking into master franchising and, initially, wasn’t interested in a cleaning service. After a significant amount of research, he started to realize the business model checked many of boxes he was seeking.

“I wanted to be in a role where I could leverage my skill set and experiences to make a difference in people’s lives,” says Henning. “Stratus provides the opportunity for me to help our customers enhance their brand, and that starts by being able to offer a nice, clean, and inviting place their customers would want to visit” Henning said. “Stratus also provides the opportunity for me to empower people to run their own businesses and find the financial freedom they are looking for.”

Henning appreciates that Stratus specializes in green cleaning. 

“You don’t need to be a chemical engineer to know that toxic cleaning chemicals aren’t a good thing, but when you have been one, you truly understand how much better it is to avoid harsh substances,” says Henning.