Hand with sponge cleaning dirty window

Green cleaning is the right way to clean, but the question is: Are you doing green cleaning right? And in the best way?

Two experienced consultancies — Performa and MC2 — have answered this question through the release of the industry-reviewed Green Cleaning Best Practices Workbook available for direct access at PerformaConsultant.com, along with info on the companion workshop. 

Allen Rathey, principal of the Indoor Health Council, says: “This document is a tour de force for achieving Green Cleaning excellence.”

Perry Shimanoff, principal of MC2, adds: “There is a saying, ’Give a person a fish and you feed that person for the day. Teach a person how to fish, and you feed that person for a lifetime.’ This is the ultimate guide for the best and most rewarding ‘fishing’ (i.e., ‘Green Cleaning’).”

"We're pleased to announce the release of this instructional platform that provides any supervisor or sales consultant in the professional cleaning field an understanding of Green Cleaning Best Practices,” notes James Sheffer, the President and CEO of Performa. “It’s groundbreaking as it promotes both human health and practical, cost-effective procedures.”

Topics include cleaning chemical chemistry, safer disinfection, personal protective equipment (PPE) and more. 

"The workbook and workshop are a collaborative effort with references, offering vetted info for individuals and organizations interested in taking action to improve environments, indoors and out,” said Cass Contreras, LEED A.P., VP & Executive Consultant at Performa.

Sustainable, productive operations is the endgame, notes Contreras, as the “new workbook and workshop make it easy and efficient to learn how to best protect your team, customers, facility, and of course our beautiful planet.”