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Hiring struggles that have plagued the commercial cleaning industry for nearly a year now have a domino effect on other factors when it comes to running a cleaning department or building service contractor (BSC). A staff being extended amid elevating cleaning expectations makes implementing green cleaning practices more difficult, but Waxie laid out a few methods that can still help departments improve their efficiency and productivity in an environmentally friendly way.

Smart Waste & Recycling

Waste is never going away, so it's best to adopt the latest technologies that can simplify the process for facilities. One example includes smart technology that streamline waste and recycling collection. Cloud technology can provide alerts to departments regarding overflow, inadequate capacities and high frequencies of collection that could soon lead to trouble. By pinpointing these issues ahead of time, a limited staff can be relieved from unnecessary tasks and focus on the ones of dire need. 

Multi-Tasking Cleaning Machines

With an elevated scrutiny on cleaning for health, departments can't afford for jobs to be done correctly on the first try. Chances for mistakes can be minimized through the adoption of multi-faceted cleaning machines. A variety of tasks that require different mops, buckets, brooms and chemicals can be consolidated into innovative machines on the market. They can cut-down on the number of steps each task requires while streamlining a list of jobs by reducing trips to the custodial closet for new supplies. 

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