Green Cleaning Is A Tool To Keep Millennials Happy

Reports indicate that one-third of the workforce is now made up of Millennials — those 18 to 34-year-olds that managers struggle to understand. To help facility managers, is reporting some of the top facility elements that these younger workers are expecting at the office.

It is no surprise that Millennials are looking for established green cleaning and sustainable initiatives from their facility executives. Cleanliness is essential, but this younger group expects the same level of cleaning, without the use of harsh chemicals that negatively affect employee health or the natural environment.

According to the article, green cleaning practices should address recycling, energy use, consumption, water quality, waste and sanitation, without the use of toxic chemicals or excess power. When possible, alternatives to traditional chemicals are preferred, but when chemicals are absolutely necessary, they should be low or no scent. Departments should also consider waste use and disposal practices, and market their processes to these younger workers.

Also making the list of preferences from Millennials is noise control, proper ergonomics, ecotherapy, and last but certainly not least, good coffee. Forbes reports that emphasizing these areas will result in happy employees, which will lead to staff retention, high morale and productivity gains.

For details on how to improve in all five of these areas, click here for the full article.